Fun facts about nails

Here are couple of fun facts about nails. Read and share these with your friends. Have fun!

  1. Fingernails grow three to four times faster than toenails.
  2. Toenails are approximately twice as thick as fingernails.
  3. On average, fingernails grow about one tenth of an inch in a month.
  4. The fastest growing nail is the one on your middle finger.
  5. The slowest growing nail is your thumb nail.
  6. Freshly cut nails grow faster than nails that aren’t cut regularly.
  7. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails.
  8. Nails grow faster in warmer climates than colder ones.
  9. Nails grow faster during the day than at night.
  10. Nails grow faster for younger people than older people.
  11. Pregnancy causes a spike in nail growth that is not related to prenatal vitamins, contrary to popular belief.
  12. Nails and hair are made of the same thing: keratin.
  13. Your nails are likely to grow faster on your dominant hand—so if you’re right handed, the nails on your right hand will grow faster than the nails on your left.
  14. Typing on a computer can stimulate nail growth, as can nail massage or tapping nails on a table lightly.
  15. You can get a read on your physical health by looking at your nails.
  16. Dry nails can be improved by increasing your water intake.
  17. Hangnails hurt because you’ve actually ripped open the edge of your nail root.
  18. According to Guinness World Records 2011, the world’s longest fingernails belong to a woman named Lee Redmond and total 28 feet, 4.5 inches long. Redmond hasn’t cut her nails since 1979.
  19. It’s bad luck to cut your nails after dark.
  20. Queen Anne Boleyn was said to have an extra fingernail on one of her pinkies.