Acetone vs Non-acetone nail polish remover

The question is: acetone vs non-acetone nail polish remover?

Today with all the abundant choice of nail polish remover it is hard to choose which polish remover would be most suitable for you.
How do you decide which one you should buy?

What is acetone?

Acetone is a solvent, clear liquid with strong odor. Acetone dissolves even shellac nail polish easily and can be use to remove artificial nails.

Acetone nail polish remover.

LABiO both Regular formula and Expert Formula, use acetone as active ingredient. That is why our formulas are fastest and most effective on the market!
Special mixture of botanical oils and extract nourishes and moisturizes nails, which is why LABiO nail polish remover works without drying your nails.

We would recommend using Expert Formula for removing shellac nail polishes. But you should avoid using it if you have artificial nails. 

Non-acetone nail polish remover.

LABiO Acetone free ECO formula is perfect for acrylic and other types of artificial nails, but can also be used on natural nails. Acetone free ECO formula has less intense smell that acetone based products. Acetone free ECO formula is the fastest and most effective non-acetone product on the market!

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