Beautiful hands and feet is first of all beautiful nails! Now it is easy with LABiO cosmetic products.

LABiO nail polish remover - state of the art product from well known and respected manufacturer. The cosmetic range was created to make nail care fast, easy and fun. 

Now you can easily change your nail polish as frequently as you like without being afraid to damage your nails. LABiO products contain botanical extracts, which protect and care for your nails 24/7.

Why you should be choosing LABiO nail polish removers?

Patented composition containing botanical oils and extracts
Distinct quality, LABiO removes even darkest polishes quickly and effortlessly. Botanical extracts and oils moisturize and nourish your nails
Natural components work gently on your nails
Convenient packaging - 150ml
Extensive product range, LABiO will satisfy amateurs as well as market professionals
Growing sales and a lot of happy clients all across Europe