Acrylic nail care

Keep you acrylic nails dry.

If you hands get wet while washing hands or swimming or doing day to day tasks it is important to dry them out with a towel. Even if there is a slight separation between the acrylic nails and your natural nails it will invite bacterial or fungal infections which spread if there is moisture.

Use antibacterial soap.

Prevent bactericidal growth with hand antiseptics and antibacterial soaps, these will greatly reduce chances of infection. Keep your acrylic nails healthy.

Try to fix broken or damaged acrylic nails as soon as possible.

If by accident nails brake or chip or if there artificial nail lifts away from your natural nail it is always best to have it done in a nail salon. This will prevent bacterial growth and make you manicure look its best.

Use non-acetone nail polish remover.

If you are willing to change your nail polish on your acrylic nails - use non-acetone based remover such as LABiO Acetone Free ECO formula, as acetone based nail polish remover will dissolve your artificial nails.